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Advantages of the visa waiver program

The US government became really strict after the terror attack of 9/11 the visa waiver program toughen their requirements for the citizens of engaging countries. There were many changes that were implemented and the first one was regarding the passport and what type of passport the applicants could use for participating. In order to reduce the process the electronic passports were introduced and they are still in use. The process of participating in this program is exclusively electronic.

The process of the ESTA form was introduced to collect information about the travel permits. By filling the online form the applicants enter their information into their system. The visa waiver program is compatible with the citizens of the countries eligible for the visa waiver program.

There are 38 countries that are eligible for the visa waiver program. The applicants of these countries can get the security of the validated passport and they get the assurance that their trip to the USA will be smooth under it.

What is the eligibility to apply for ESTA?

Following criteria needs to be followed by the applicants:

They should be the citizens of the eligible countries.

The visitors should plan their visit accordingly as the validity of the ESTA is 90 days and the applicants cannot stay more than 90 days as they can face serious trouble due to this.

The visitors are only allowed to travel to the United States for business and travel purposes. The visitors cannot start attending the classes in the US except for the cooking classes.


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How to check ESTA status?

Applicants who wish to check their ESTA visa application status can do so by clicking on the green button below.

Certain information is always needed if you want to obtain the ESTA status details:
Date of birthNationalityYour passport numberLast name as it appears on your passportThe first name, as written on your passportThe country that has issued your passportYour email address.
By all this information it will be easy to check your eta canada visa status and email you the details of your current status. And once your ESTA is expired you need to apply for a new ESTA. it is one of the most important things to get a new ESTA once your old ESTA is not valid.

Check your ESTA status in order to:
To verify the provided information is correct toVerify the ESTA issue dateVerify the ESTA expiry date.For how long is an ESTA valid for?

An ESTA is valid for a period of two years or till your passport expires you can make multiple trips between these two years. Whichever comes…

Know About the Cost for Applying ESTA

Do you want to travel to the US without having a visa? Then you might consider about ESTA. It allows the nationals of countries which are participating in the Visa Waiver Program in order to enter into the United States. You can able to travel there for business and tourism only, and you can stay only 90 days using ESTA. In order to obtain it, you have to complete an online form. You have to know about the fact that the registration is free for ESTA while you are applying it before the month of September 2010. If you want to gain information about the Prix ESTA, then keep on reading the upcoming section.

Charges of applying ESTA

All the travellers who are applying for ESTA should have to pay 14 dollars as an official fee. It is divided into two segments which are as follows,

The four dollars are given for covering the administrative costs.The remaining ten dollars will be offered to promote tourism. It is considered to be an authorization fee, and it will be deducted after the request …